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This directory contains development FreeBSD builds of Biber, the next-generation backend of biblatex. Biber is a Unicode-aware replacement of BibTeX, and is written in Perl.

The same files are also available on Biber project page at SourceForge.

The main purpose of this repository is Biber's integration with TeX Live (see 2017 builds and earlier), but you can use them in any TeX environment in combination with biblatex package.

These Biber binaries are standalone FreeBSD binaries, created with PAR::Packer (hence the large size). You do not need any Perl module and not even Perl itself to run them.

These binaries work on all FreeBSD versions >=8.0, including 12-CURRENT. Since biber is a Perl script that relies on many newer-than-ported and not-yet-ported Perl modules, this repository is currently the only place where you can find ready-to-use biber binaries.

TeX Live users might also be interested in the notes on using TeX Live 2017 on FreeBSD.

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