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Index of /FreeBSD/TeXLive-2010/installer/xz-tl2010/

These are xz and xzdec binaries (from TL trunk SVN r19015) for use with TeX Live Installer/TL Manager in TL2010,
built for various releases of FreeBSD (5, 6, 7, 8).

To minimize shared library dependencies and to ensure that FreeBSD-7 binaries
(distributed on official TL DVD) work on FreeBSD-8 as well, these are built with

--disable-nls --disable-shared

Binaries *freebsd7,8 are those shipped with TeX Live 2010.

 NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[BIN]xzdec.amd64-freebsd7,817-Jun-2010 17:21 72KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xzdec.i386-freebsd517-Jun-2010 17:21 69KFreeBSD/i386 executable
[BIN]xz.amd64-freebsd517-Jun-2010 17:21 168KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xzdec.amd64-freebsd517-Jun-2010 17:21 75KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xz.i386-freebsd617-Jun-2010 17:21 153KFreeBSD/i386 executable
[BIN]xzdec.i386-freebsd617-Jun-2010 17:21 68KFreeBSD/i386 executable
[BIN]xz.amd64-freebsd617-Jun-2010 17:21 171KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xzdec.amd64-freebsd617-Jun-2010 17:21 77KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xz.i386-freebsd7,817-Jun-2010 17:21 161KFreeBSD/i386 executable
[BIN]xzdec.i386-freebsd7,817-Jun-2010 17:20 70KFreeBSD/i386 executable
[BIN]xz.amd64-freebsd7,817-Jun-2010 17:20 165KFreeBSD/amd64 executable
[BIN]xz.i386-freebsd517-Jun-2010 17:20 153KFreeBSD/i386 executable
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