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Index of /FreeBSD/TeXLive-Devel/translations/

This directory contains working copies and patches of Serbian translations for TeX Live distribution.

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[TXT]sr-r19369.po14-Jul-2010 06:52 53KText file
[HTML] 18:19 7.7KHTML document
[TXT]README.SR-TL2010-r19316.txt13-Jul-2010 18:19 7.2KText file
[TXT]sr-r19134.po09-Jul-2010 09:34 53KText file
[HTML] 13:47 7.4KHTML document
[TXT]README.SR-TL2010.txt08-Jul-2010 13:47 6.9KText file
[TXT]sr-r18231.po25-May-2010 20:20 52KText file
[IMG]tlmgr-gui-FreeBSD-8x13.pcf.png05-Feb-2010 10:35 22KPNG image
[IMG]tlmgr-gui-FreeBSD-various-ttf-fonts.png04-Feb-2010 20:06 41KPNG image
[IMG]tlmgr-gui-FreeBSD-Xfce-20100204-WITH_XFT.png04-Feb-2010 09:45 45KPNG image
[IMG]tlmgr-gui-FreeBSD-Xfce-20100203-b.png03-Feb-2010 20:11 88KPNG image
[IMG]tlmgr-gui-FreeBSD-Xfce-20100203.png03-Feb-2010 13:39 173KPNG image
[TXT]sr-r16628.po10-Jan-2010 20:58 49KText file
[TXT]README.SR-r16628.txt10-Jan-2010 20:58 6.2KText file
[HTML] 20:58 6.7KHTML document
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